Corrective Skincare for Brown Girls

by a Brown Girl

lena clark

Whether you're a Glow GETTER actively working on reaching your skin care goals, or a Glow GIRL looking to maintain your healthy skin, we are here to help! Which Glow phase are you? Click HERE and let us know if you have questions about how you can achieve or maintain your skin care goals with Clark Correctives. And don't forget to pick up your Glow GETTER / Glow GIRL merch in the shop!

Welcome to Clark Correctives where luxury skincare meets results.

We are a brand curated for black women, by a black woman.

Our mission is to help women look AND feel more comfortable and more beautiful in their skin by providing effective skin care products that address:

•  acne
•  hyperpigmentation (dark spots)
•  dehydration

We are committed to and passionate about helping you meet your skin care needs.

Our creator, Lena Clark - a.k.a. The Skin & Acne Coach, is a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Acne & Ethnic Skin Care Specialist. Lena runs a successful acne clinic in the south Chicagoland area, where she has specialized in corrective skin care, specifically in darker skin tones, for several years. She remains committed to education and continues to take advanced training to stay up to date with current knowledge, standards, and ingredient technology in the industry.



"Today I was scheduled for a signature facial! Words can not express how amazing the treatment was. I came in to address my hyperpigmentation and acne breakouts. Lena explained my skin type and specific adjustments needed to my skin to a healthy state. Absolutely phenomenal."

Client Testimonial